Realtors and homes for sale

Real estate is the second most valuable commodity (next to time). We are constantly fighting over our value of our primary residence. After the 2008 boom – a lot of home owners were left upside down on their mortgages – it’s absolutely insane! The government ended up bailing out most of the banks that created these “predatory loans” – but are we really to blame the instrument versus blaming ourselves for getting into those loans without reading the fine print? It is the government’s job to make sure we don’t do that?

I always like to check what for Homes for sale

I know that there are a lot of Realtors out there, and not all of them are truthful. Here is the truth – Realtors can possibly be misrepresenting you. They are called “Dual Agents” for a reason! realtors are buyer’s agents – meaning they ONLY represent buyers. If you are looking at homes for sale – do yourself a favor and let us find you a buyer’s agent in your area!

Are you ready to look for homes for sale in your area?Are you ready to look for homes for sale in your area?

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